Thursday, November 25, 2010

If only there were more hours in a day...and happy thanksgiving!

I was able to finish my Autumn wreath just in time for Thanksgiving.  Several months ago, I had mentioned that I had been inspired to make a wreath out of lima beans similar to the acorn wreath that I saw on Made's blog here  Gluing all of those beans proved to be a lot more time consuming than I had originally anticipated.  This is not the type of project that you can hammer out in one least I couldn't.  I enjoyed making the wreath though.  It was nice to be involved in a craft project that was relatively easy.  I decided to add a "floral detail" made out of smaller, navy beans just to mix it up.  I really like the wreath.  I was going to spray paint it like the inspiration wreath, however I decided that I liked the natural look of the lima beans.  I love how simple and modern the wreath looks.  

I am having fun transforming objects with coats of glossy, white spray paint.  I originally purchased this candle holder about ten years ago from Pier 1, and it was collecting dust in my cabinet until it was given new life with a coat of paint.  Now that I look at these pictures, it appears that the before photo looks better than the after, but in person the white looks so much better.  The white made this metal candle holder look like a ceramic piece.  

Some other items that were subjected to spray paint, were these new, Christmas ornaments from Target.  I think the paint gave the ornaments a more modern look.  I love them.  I think they are reminiscent of these adorable, Jonathan Adler ornaments, but at three dollars a piece they are so much cheaper.  
I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 


  1. I LOVE your wreath! It look so organic and beautiful! I also really love the flower detail you added! Great work!

  2. the colors and texture are fabulous! the burnt orange and prussian blue really make the creamy beans pop.

  3. I really love your bean wreath, I'm so glad that you decided to keep it natural. Very inspiring.